Sep 29, 2011

{Machine Gun Preacher}

Last night my friend Bethany and I were sitting and talking on my front porch like girls do. She told me about this new movie, and I instantly wanted to see itThis is going to be a great film. A true story that is happening today in our world. Go here to learn more about Machine Gun Preacher. 

Sep 28, 2011

{write a letter to someone you love}

Lately I have learned the importance of a written note, a letter, or even a little message typed up in a word document. This small gesture of love makes a huge impact and in some ways goes beyond words spoken and not saved. I like the idea of writing letters to those people who deserve to hear a little encouragement, affirmation, or just a nice bit of acknowledgment for all they do that seems to go unnoticed. This inspiration has come from our friends Kyle and Kelsey Lantz, as well as my favorite bloggers at todaysletters. I am going to be more intentional about this writing letters thing.

Letter #1
Dear Husband,

Thank you for waking me up so we can take a breakfast trip to Starbucks. I loved my egg and cheese sandwich + latte meal.  I know that you hate washing dishes just as much as I do, and your willingness to help our around the house does not go unnoticed. I recognize that I am a bit crazy when it comes to cleanliness and clutter. Sorry for that. I am very glad that you drive me to work at 6:00am so I don't have to walk all alone in the dark. Waking up that early is hard enough, and sacrificing 30 more minutes of sleep is even harder. Oh, and you really are the best husband because you let me choose the music in the car, even if it's a country song or two (which I know you despise). I love you more than Taco Bell cinnamon twists and original tart JuJuBerry!

Love, Al

Sep 25, 2011

{"why conservative christians flock to a gay bar"}

"He believes that too many Christians don't understand the complexity of the small number of Bible verses that mention homosexuality - he also thinks that gay people are often too quick to dismiss Christianity....

He admits that some churches will continue to focus on "healing'"gay people of homosexuality - while others will simply welcome and affirm gay people on their own terms...
He says that the Marin Foundation simply wants to get gay people thinking about Christian spirituality in its broadest sense, without a disproportionate emphasis on sexual morality."

This man's ministry gives me some hope that the church might be able to turn around and change its actions towards the gay community. The church has caused so much damage already, but this picture is a sign of reconciliation, forgiveness, and love. I am so glad to hear stories like this one

Sep 22, 2011


I couldn't resist. I have spent the past two weeks debating whether or not I should cut all of my hair off.  Everyone told me not to do it. 

Well, I caved. 

I had proudly rocked the mid-back length hair for four years. I loved it, but it was hard to manage, and I hated putting it up for my McConn shifts. I was trying not to do the typical "cut your hair once you get married" thing, but it just makes too much sense. Now I understand why every new wife follows this pattern. 

Thankfully I had the support of Mr. Shepherd. He was happy to hear that I would no longer be able to plop my hair into a messy bun on the tippy top of my head (he really hated that look). He was so happy that he made a little video of the hair chopping experience. Or maybe he just did it because he is obsessed with his new iphone...

Either way, I am happy to have a new do with a feather for flair.

What do you think?

Sep 21, 2011

{Friday Night Lights}

Jordan and I are finally caught up with Man Men, which has been our favorite show for a long time now. After we watched the last episode, we realized that the new season wouldn't be out on DVD for a while. Our next move was finding a new show to rent from our friend family vid. 

We gave Friday Night Lights a try, and it surprised us. This show is actually legit! And sort of addicting if I'm being honest. We stayed up until 4:00am one night watching this thing. 

We finished the first season in only a few weeks, but I've heard there are plenty more to keep us entertained for the rest of senior year. 

Sep 14, 2011

{Mr. Shepherd}

The guy in the photos

If you read this blog then you may have started to notice the same guy showing up in Alli’s photos…that’s me. I have spent the past three years either in the forefront or the background of this lovely lady’s photos…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since I’m living the life she is blogging, I figured it was about time I hopped on board. So here is my first post. It is just one of many to come.

Sep 9, 2011

{Butternut Squash Soup}

- butternut squash
- 1 small onion
- carrot
- celery
- potato
- nutmeg
- cinnamon
- chicken broth (about 32 oz.)
- italien seasoning
- salt & pepper
- 2 tbsp. butter

Peirce the squash with a fork, bake in the oven at 400 degrees for one hour.  Melt the butter in a pot on the stove, chop and add veggies, add seasoning, let cook for about 5mins. Pour the chicken broth over the veggies until covered. Bring to a boil, add the rest of chicken broth, cover, simmer for about 40mins. After squash is done, peel the skin and scoop out the seeds. Cut squash and add to veggie pot for a few minutes. Transfer the soup to the food processor in sections until the entire pot is pureed.

( I know, it looks like baby food. Never mind that.)

This whole process took me a little over an hour. You can alter the amount of veggies you use or add your own seasonings or other fun ingredients to it. I have heard that adding sour cream to this soup is great too. I didn't measure most of it because I was making it up as I went along. By the time I was done I ended up with a giant bowl of soup that is going to last me all week :)

You know what else? Plain butternut squash without any of the other veggies is real tasty too. So if you only have the squash, go for it.

Fun fact: In Ireland, all the soup is pureed. You never know what's in the soup, it just tastes really yummy. It's almost like solving a mystery.

I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did. Please tell me if you end up using this recipe!

Sep 8, 2011

{Back to School}

It was my last first day of school on Tuesday. It's a surreal feeling being back at IWU after living in Ireland for a semester, becoming a Mrs., and starting a whole new stage of life that involved bills and house work. I have this strange feeling like I don't really belong here anymore. But I guess I expected that once Jordan and I had made our plans last fall. We knew everything was going to change, and change for the better.

The best part about starting school is the season. Fall. And with fall comes pumpkin spice lattes at the bucks. In fact, I think I just might head over there right now to get myself some fall goodness in a cup.

Sep 2, 2011

{our wedding video}

We are so thankful for our talented videographer Cory Hiemann. Cory is a friend of ours who knew exactly what we wanted and also understands our taste and personality. This video couldn't be any better. I trusted that he would make something that would capture the day beautifully, and he did just that and more.