Sep 8, 2011

{Back to School}

It was my last first day of school on Tuesday. It's a surreal feeling being back at IWU after living in Ireland for a semester, becoming a Mrs., and starting a whole new stage of life that involved bills and house work. I have this strange feeling like I don't really belong here anymore. But I guess I expected that once Jordan and I had made our plans last fall. We knew everything was going to change, and change for the better.

The best part about starting school is the season. Fall. And with fall comes pumpkin spice lattes at the bucks. In fact, I think I just might head over there right now to get myself some fall goodness in a cup.


  1. oh, alli, i was just about to post on my blog a photo of the pumpkin latte i'm drinking right now, so good.

  2. niiiiice. can't go wrong with that little bit of goodness


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