Sep 28, 2011

{write a letter to someone you love}

Lately I have learned the importance of a written note, a letter, or even a little message typed up in a word document. This small gesture of love makes a huge impact and in some ways goes beyond words spoken and not saved. I like the idea of writing letters to those people who deserve to hear a little encouragement, affirmation, or just a nice bit of acknowledgment for all they do that seems to go unnoticed. This inspiration has come from our friends Kyle and Kelsey Lantz, as well as my favorite bloggers at todaysletters. I am going to be more intentional about this writing letters thing.

Letter #1
Dear Husband,

Thank you for waking me up so we can take a breakfast trip to Starbucks. I loved my egg and cheese sandwich + latte meal.  I know that you hate washing dishes just as much as I do, and your willingness to help our around the house does not go unnoticed. I recognize that I am a bit crazy when it comes to cleanliness and clutter. Sorry for that. I am very glad that you drive me to work at 6:00am so I don't have to walk all alone in the dark. Waking up that early is hard enough, and sacrificing 30 more minutes of sleep is even harder. Oh, and you really are the best husband because you let me choose the music in the car, even if it's a country song or two (which I know you despise). I love you more than Taco Bell cinnamon twists and original tart JuJuBerry!

Love, Al


  1. Alli, that was incredibly precious. :) Love you!

  2. This is just the cutest thing I've ever read. So honest, haha.


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