Jan 30, 2012

[The Kennedys]

Jordan and I started our new show, The Kennedy's last night. After only two episodes we are already hooked. I'm learning new things about the Kennedy family while being inspired by Jackie (played by Katie Holmes) and her 1960's style. 

Jackie colors: pink, yellow, red, ivory
Jackie's icon: Audrey Hepburn
Jackie's designer of choice: Hubert de Givenchy

Jackie staples: 
pillbox hat
white gloves
sleeveless dresses
high waisted trousers 

"Often sketching designs for her clothing as First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy fashion immediately drew international attention; more than any other First Ladies her style was copied by commercial manufacturers and a large segment of young women." 

Jan 25, 2012


This new documentary looks fascinating. It's about four sommeliers who live and breathe wine, and they are attempting to pass the Master Sommelier Exam. Watch this trailer to see what I mean...

"A sommelier, or wine steward, is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, commonly working in fine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food matching. The role is more specialized and informed than that of a wine waiter."

Jan 24, 2012

{Oscar Nominations}

This is the year for The 84th Academy Awards! 


The official nominations came in today, and there are only 33 days left until the awards show, which will air Sunday night on February 26th. I can't wait to see which film wins Best Picture, I can honestly say that I have no idea what will happen this year.  

Here are some of the main noms:

Best Picture:
The Artist
The Descendants 
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
The Help 
Midnight in Paris
The Tree of Life 
War Horse 

Actor In a Leading Role:
Demian Bichir - A Better Life
George Clooney - The Descendants 
Jean Dujardin - The Artist
Gary Oldman - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Brad Pitt - Moneyball 

Actress In a Leading Role:
Glenn Close - Albert Nobbs 
Viola Davis - The Help 
Rooney Mara - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 
Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady 
Michelle Williams - My Week With Marilyn 

Best Original Score:
John Williams - The Adventures of Tintin
Ludovic Bource - The Artist
Howard Shore - Hugo 
Alberto Iglesias - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 
John Williams - War Horse 

To see the full list, go Here

so what do you think? which film will win best picture? I'm taking a wild guess and saying The Artist (which I haven't seen yet), but it's a silent film/musical and it looks absolutely amazing. Plus it won the Golden Globe award for Best Picture along with the Descendants. 

I am making it my goal to watch all of the main nominated films before the awards show. Wish me luck!  

Jan 15, 2012

Cam & Beth

Two of our best friends got engaged this weekend. 

Cameron Kinch took Bethany Ezawa to the church where he asked her to be his girlfriend a year ago. He proposed with his grandmothers ring, then brought her back to his parents house where friends and family were waiting to celebrate. 

Watching her face when she walked in the door was one of my favorite moments. I could relate, because the same thing happened to me a year ago. This day could be described as an overwhelming dream-like rush of happiness and gratitude. It is one of the best and memorable events in a girls life, and it was obvious that Beth soaked up every second of it. 

Jan 13, 2012

{i like gray}

gray and white. simple, calming, minimalist, and modern. these things are nice, I enjoy them. 


Toast Strype PJ's
Sheepskin Bench from a cute Seattle apartment 
painted wall and cool hanging lightbulb 
DIY Flatware that sparkles 

Jan 7, 2012

{7 ways to find solitude}

Lately I have been challenged to live a more simple life. After discussing this topic with our friends Cameron and Beth, and reading the New York Times article "The Joy of Quiet," I understood more about the ways technology and media can suffocate us and take away from true freedom and healthy communication. I am guilty of this attachment to technology, and I want to run from it.

I know that solitude is important, yet I keep filling my time to the point of stress. I am constantly busy and ignoring my need for quiet and stillness, even at the most crucial moments of chaos and overstimulation. Christmas break has reminded me to be more intentional with my time and to consistently practice the spiritual disciplines.

If you are anything like me, you might benefit from my list of  7 things to help find solitude in life:

1. check online communication only once or twice a day: don't let yourself be attached to your computer, TV, or phone. If you are with another human being, give them your full attention. Instead of checking Facebook or watching mindless TV when you're bored, do something that will rejuvenate you.

2. read before bed: Jordan and I read every night before bed. It is one of my favorite parts of the day. This habit slows you down and prepares you for a nights rest, and it gives you time in stillness that you probably desperately need. Plus, reading for pleasure is good for you. If you're a student, you will especially cherish this time with a book of your own choice :)

3. spend your first hour of the morning in solitude: wake up, make your breakfast, brew your coffee, and sit. Do whatever suits your needs and personality. Spend time with the Lord, read your Bible or devotional, write in your journal, or just sit and think. Start your day right.

4. cook or bake something new: time in the kitchen can be therapeutic. find a new and interesting recipe and make it. take your time, turn on some classical music, and tie your apron. Make a mess and don't apologize. This is a time for you to prepare something from scratch with your own hands.

5. exercise outside: exercising at the gym is good, but exercising in nature is even better. sometimes you just need to be outside and breathing in fresh air. Go on a walk, jog, (or hike if possible), and soak up all that is around you.

6. sit in silence: this one is simple. Just sit and let your mind flow. This might be challenging, but it's worth it after you experience it a few times. We need to sit in absolute stillness in order to really hear ourselves think. This is the best way to hear God and to understand yourself in a very vulnerable way.

7. do a weekly review: when the week is done, sit down and review everything that happened. Process it in your own way. Journal, talk about it with someone, or make lists. Review your goals and assess where and how your time was spent. This will allow you to be more intentional with your time.

If you want to really see what solitude looks like, watch this video. A simple task has never been so beautiful.

The Art of Making Bread

Jan 6, 2012

{year review}

2011 was a big year for us. It was a year of growing up and exploring the world. Here are a few things we loved about it:

 living in Ireland: learning the culture, making new friends, going to cool pubs, seeing beautiful views
 welcoming our first nephew into the world. 
exploring and soaking up Paris for a week
planning our wedding
turning 21
getting married! woo! 
honeymooning in Mexico 
interning over the summer: Exact Target for Jordan, The Boys and Girls Club for Alli
celebrating the final semester of undergrad for Jordan
falling in love with Friday Night Lights and The Hunger Games
living in a home of our own - not a dorm!

 I think 2011 may have been our favorite year yet. But as much as we loved last year, we believe it will only get better. We are excited and ready to make new memories and form our own traditions in 2012. Right now we are in a season of obedience, listening, and waiting. We are eager to see what God has planned and where he is going to call us next, and we are thankful for the lessons we will learn in the process of finding out. Now begins this new year of transition, challenges, and new beginnings. 

goodbye 2011, thank you for all that you have given us, we are truly grateful.
hello 2012, we are ready for you. 

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