Feb 24, 2012

[Bridal Shower for Beth]

I hosted my first bridal shower yesterday!

 It was simple really. With a little planning, decorating, and crafting, I managed to get the whole thing together in just one week. I reserved a room with a giant table for twelve at Midwest Coffee Company. Naturally, the theme was coffee. We nibbled on homemade muffins, we played Staches and Tiaras, and we talked all things wedding and relationships. It was a lovely time with a small group of IWU girls who all adore Miss Bethany Ezawa. 

(photography by Alicia Wines)

Feb 23, 2012

[oh, college]

Life is crazy right now. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy busy. Not only is it my final semester of college, but I am also taking 17 credit hours and working almost 20 hours a week at McConn. And I am not just taking 17 normal-college-whatever-class credit hours, I am taking my senior capstone AND my senior project, which are both extremely time consuming and ultimately lead to stress, self-doubt, and anxiety.

The most difficult part about this semester is time. I never have time to sit and share a meal with someone. I don't get home until 10:00pm. I barely have a social life. There isn't a minute in my day that isn't scheduled.

Like I said, life is crazy right now.

Yes, it's crazy, but I also have to remember that it is worth it. I have reached the point where I am tempted to slack off and give up on this school stuff. I want to spend all of my time with the people who I will soon be separated from when we all graduate. The emotional sentimentalism has set in, and it's only going to get worse. My conversations with friends lately never fail to end in reminiscing about these past four years of college. Everyone is feeling it. We are close to the end and we don't want to forget these moments of life together.

And then we realize it midway through our storytelling. We are hit with the reality that we will never again experience anything like college. It really is a once in a lifetime thing.

So I am challenged with making every interaction, conversation, and hour count. I don't want to take it for granted. Someday, I will look back on my college years and laugh at how beautifully odd it all was. I will ask myself, "How can it be that we lived in a world where our classes, jobs, meals, entertainment, and friendships all took place on one little campus?" We worship together, learn together, grow up together, and live together. It's pretty cool actually.

Today, tomorrow, and everyday until April 28, I will do my best to intentionally make memories that will keep my heart full forever. Oh gosh, I am beyond excited for these final two months :)

To sum it up in photos... 

Feb 15, 2012

[For The Love of Leather]

Jordan and I watched this and found ourselves wanting new leather wallets, passport carriers, and trendy backpacks. These guys have skill, and their creative process is fascinating (plus they have a really cool office).

I hope this gives you a boost of inspiration to last you the rest of your week.

Cheers to: simplicity, the handmade, and good design. 

Makr Carry Goods by Jason Gregory 

Feb 8, 2012

[3 years Together]

I became this guys girl on February 8th of 2009. 

(yep, that is facebook official)

Met freshman year in speech class.
Dated during winter.
Fell in love.
Dreamed about the future.
Learned each others quirks.
Grew up together. 
Fought and forgave.
Went on adventures. 
Got married. 

Us in a nutshell. 

From freshman year to senior year, and we are more in love than ever.

Feb 5, 2012

5 Things Men and Women Do Differently

Mr. Shepherd here again! After being married for over 7 months and watching other couples for the past years, something has become very clear. Men and Women do things very very differently...

5 Things Men & Women Do Differently

1. Clean
            Men: Make sure everything is off the floor
            Women: Ask men to clean something and then follow behind them examining

2. Go to bed
            Men: Fall asleep in 2 minutes
            Women: Wait till men are asleep and then wake them up to “just talk”

3. Look in the mirror
            Men: just make sure they have on clothes
            Women: adjust the same piece of hair 30 times and then walk away frustrated

4. Shop
            Men: “What’s next on the list?”
            Women: “Oh my Gosh! They have a whole section of French Cheeses! We have to get some!”

5. Greet their friends

                                                        Guy 1: “What’s going on man?"
                                                        Guy 2: “Hey Man”
                                                                    (End of Greeting)

                                                        Girl 1 & 2: “AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!”
                                                                    (Hugging and Jumping)
                                                        Girl 1: “I love what you’ve done with your hair!”
                                                        Girl 2: “Thank yyoouuu…I just miss you so much!”
                                                        Girl 1 & 2: “KINDRED SPIRITS!!!”

I have only scratched the surface…

Feb 3, 2012

[Red Lips Equals]

When I came home from the gym today I realized that I had a few hours to spare with the house to myself. I thought for a few moments, evaluated my options, and decided that I was going to have a pampering session. I had way too much fun playing with makeup to say the least... particularly with lip color. 

'Revlon Really Red' lipstick is my new best friend. When I see a woman wearing bold red lips, I think of these things:

1. Boldness
2. Confidence
3. Sensuality
4. Fearlessness 
5. Glamor  

Red Red Red = female power


Feb 2, 2012

[Five Favorite Fashion Trends]


1. Color blocking
Hottest colors being tangerine, fuschia, and purple. More about color blocking here 

2. Feminine pastels
Soft pinks and teals - paired with lace and nude colored pieces 

3. Denim
Vests, jackets, and even denim on denim has become popular lately. And guess what? Kate Bosworth is launching a new denim collection

4. Peplum
High waisted peplum skirts are extremely flattering. I found one at Pull and Bear in Ireland, and it's my absolute favorite piece of clothing. More about peplum here

5. Bright colored skinny pants
J Crew has a quality new selection of unique colors to choose from. Best worn with heels in my opinion.