Mar 7, 2012

We're Moving to Colorado

At the beginning of our senior year of college people always asked us what we were going to do after graduation. Truth be told, we had no clue. We had some faint ideas, thoughts, and wishes, but nothing was set in stone.

That has now changed.

In October, we were approached by Mark and Lauren Shepherd and Nate and Julie Lamb with the opportunity to join them in planting a church in Denver, Colorado. It was a lot to think about at a busy time in our lives. We committed to praying about it and tried to put it on the back burner of our minds.

...that didn’t happen

It was at the forefront of our conversations as a couple. We loved the idea of moving somewhere for something more than a job. Moving to Denver means moving somewhere with purpose, with a mission.

After 4 months of prayer, conversation, thought, and more prayer, we know that God has confirmed our desires and directed our steps to Denver. We will be joining the launch team of Front Range Church in August of this year.

Please visit Front Range Church’s website to learn more about our mission and vision for what God is and is going to do in Denver.

Now, when people ask us what our plans are after graduation, the answer is simple…

We’re planting a church in Denver, Colorado.

Mission: To be a "Rooted and Reaching" movement of local churches in Denver and the Front Range through which our communities are reached, disciples become deeply rooted, and culture is redeemed through the truth and power of the Gospel." 


  1. So great! Blessings on you both and your new mission field.

  2. Wow, Allison, that is great! Congratulations to you both and good luck on your journey!


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