Feb 5, 2012

5 Things Men and Women Do Differently

Mr. Shepherd here again! After being married for over 7 months and watching other couples for the past years, something has become very clear. Men and Women do things very very differently...

5 Things Men & Women Do Differently

1. Clean
            Men: Make sure everything is off the floor
            Women: Ask men to clean something and then follow behind them examining

2. Go to bed
            Men: Fall asleep in 2 minutes
            Women: Wait till men are asleep and then wake them up to “just talk”

3. Look in the mirror
            Men: just make sure they have on clothes
            Women: adjust the same piece of hair 30 times and then walk away frustrated

4. Shop
            Men: “What’s next on the list?”
            Women: “Oh my Gosh! They have a whole section of French Cheeses! We have to get some!”

5. Greet their friends

                                                        Guy 1: “What’s going on man?"
                                                        Guy 2: “Hey Man”
                                                                    (End of Greeting)

                                                        Girl 1 & 2: “AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!”
                                                                    (Hugging and Jumping)
                                                        Girl 1: “I love what you’ve done with your hair!”
                                                        Girl 2: “Thank yyoouuu…I just miss you so much!”
                                                        Girl 1 & 2: “KINDRED SPIRITS!!!”

I have only scratched the surface…

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