Jan 6, 2012

{year review}

2011 was a big year for us. It was a year of growing up and exploring the world. Here are a few things we loved about it:

 living in Ireland: learning the culture, making new friends, going to cool pubs, seeing beautiful views
 welcoming our first nephew into the world. 
exploring and soaking up Paris for a week
planning our wedding
turning 21
getting married! woo! 
honeymooning in Mexico 
interning over the summer: Exact Target for Jordan, The Boys and Girls Club for Alli
celebrating the final semester of undergrad for Jordan
falling in love with Friday Night Lights and The Hunger Games
living in a home of our own - not a dorm!

 I think 2011 may have been our favorite year yet. But as much as we loved last year, we believe it will only get better. We are excited and ready to make new memories and form our own traditions in 2012. Right now we are in a season of obedience, listening, and waiting. We are eager to see what God has planned and where he is going to call us next, and we are thankful for the lessons we will learn in the process of finding out. Now begins this new year of transition, challenges, and new beginnings. 

goodbye 2011, thank you for all that you have given us, we are truly grateful.
hello 2012, we are ready for you. 

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