Oct 4, 2011

{10 Fun Fall Things}

As you all must know by now, I am obsessed with fall. Every year towards the middle of summer I start to plan for the upcoming fall season. I really could go without summer altogether. I am usually freezing cold in an air conditioned building or sweating like a pig in the relentless humidity. I never know what to wear because of this problem. Plus, summer activities just don't bring me as much joy as the fall ones do. What is so great about fall? Let me tell you.

Fall brings changing leaves and perfect crisp weather that is reliable and welcoming. Fall draws you in with its colors of burnt orange and red, smells of campfires, cinnamon and cloves, and flavors of pumpkin and granny-smith apples. Fall is also the best season for fashion. Life is just extra comforting when you get to wear big warm sweaters, blue jeans, and leather boots.

If you don't agree with me about fall being the best season there is, then I challenge you to take part in the following activities. I guarantee that your life will be enriched and you will end the season with a changed mind and new passion for autumn.

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10 Fun Things To Do in the Fall: 

1. Pick apples. visit an orchard. drink their apple cider.

2. Bake pumpkin goodies. pumpkin muffins, pie, bread, cookies....pretty much anything with pumpkin is amazing.

3. Camping trip. Do it early before it gets too cold. Take in the smells of camping because you can't get that anywhere else. I prefer camping in the woods where you can sit around the fire and tell scary stories, but that's not everyone's cup of tea I suppose.

4. Carve pumpkins. Go to a pumpkin patch. Do not buy your pumpkin at the grocery store! Pick out your own unique pumpkin and carve that sucker. Make a party of it. And you must bake the seeds, they're delicious.

5. Visit a corn maze. Okay, this one is hard, because you have to find a good corn maze. Some of them are lame, but if you find the ones that are somewhat challenging, it can be really fun. It's better to do this one in the dark when things are spooky :)

6. Have a Scary movie night. If you don't like scary movies, then have a fall movie night. That sounds ridiculous, I know, but there are certain movies that are perfect to watch in the fall. Examples: Cold Mountain, The Village, and Dan in Real Life. I watch all of these multiple times during the fall.

7. Take a Hike. If you are a hoosier, this might be a challenge. But hey, "hiking" can be a simple walk in the woods. If possible though, find a mountain and climb it (or large hill). Soak up the view from the top.

8. Attend a Football Game. In High School, I remember loving the fall because of football season, and I would go to every game I possibly could. I think my favorite things are the pep band and the hot chocolate from concessions. yum.

9. Make caramel apples, cider with spices, and homemade hot soup. Hello comfort food in the chilly weather. All three of these things will make your house smell like heaven.  

10. Halloween party!!! One of my favorite things about fall is Halloween. To make the most of it, you should create a killer creative Halloween costume (like our Jack and Jill from last year). Pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters, and make sure you aren't giving out crappy candy, or the kiddies will not want to come back for more next year. I think its fun to host/attend a party where there are things like bobbing for apples, dancing, good food, and costume contests. If you are really looking to have a good time, find a haunted house to go to. Make sure you do some research, because some of these places are sketch and/ or real lame. (hint: if it doesn't freak you out and make you scream and lose your breath, than its probably not worth your time). Enjoy this night, it's the best.

If you do all of these things and still don't love fall, than you're a crazy person.

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