Oct 3, 2011

{meals this week}

Being a full time student = no time to cook real food. 

Well, maybe there is time, but by dinner I'm just too exhausted and overwhelmed with homework to make an extravagant meal for two. Sometimes Jordan and I ask our on campus friends to kindly swipe us meals at the college, or we just make something easy like soup and sandwiches. This week we had a day of breakfast for dinner. Red Berries tea, Cheerios, and oatmeal. I was content. Today I went next door to the girls' house for a meal cooked by our new friend, Lawson. He made a fancy shmancy and delicious dinner for us: tomato basil soup with mushrooms, pesto pasta, seasoned mozzarella & tomatos, baked brie crescents, and garlic cheese bread. Our stomachs were full and to be honest, we were all pretty impressed.

 Now I am inspired and determined to try cooking at least one real meal a week. We will start there and see if I can stick to it. Wish me luck.


  1. I often make a giant pot of soup or chili one day a week (you could do a weekend) and then we have it for leftovers throughout the week - for a quick dinner or for lunches. We also love stir fry for really fast meals - just throw frozen veggies in with teriyaki sauce and make noodles or rice.

  2. thanks Kim! I will try that. We love soup too, especially during the fall and winter.

  3. Also, if you do make soup, you could double the recipe and freeze half of it. Just pull it out and reheat. Most soups freeze rather well- filling my deep freezer with premade meals is one of my current projects before baby comes... Ericka

  4. ooooh yeah! I love soup I could eat it everyday. Thank you!

  5. i love this post. thanks for posting


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