Jul 13, 2011


So obviously the past three weeks have been crazy with wedding planning, time with family and friends, getting married, and going on a honeymoon with my husband. There has never been another more overwhelming time in my entire life. At points it was stressful, but more than anything this season of my life has been filled with complete joy. I wouldn't have made it out alive without the support of those around me. With every plan and task there was someone to help get things done and ease my nerves. What a blessing it is to have people in my life who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy for me. I really could not have done it without them.
The wedding weekend was more than just a time when we were married, it was a time for all of our favorite people to come together and be in the same place at the same time. Wow, it was surreal. And it was one of the best times of my life.

So by the end of all of the celebrations and festivities surrounding my marriage to Jordan Shepherd, I can easily say that I can look back on everything with a smile and a sense of deep gratitude in my heart.


Now I am officially Allison Shepherd. Let me just say that I need some more practice writing my new signature and getting used to saying "husband."

(official wedding photos to come!)


  1. I'd like to just say that I hope God has a tiny little corner of heaven reserved for hammocks over lazy rivers, because that looks fabulous.

    Not to discourage you, but six years later and I STILL can't sign my last name :P

    Congrats again, so glad you had a fabulous day!

  2. okay, but i'm super jealous of the mexican coke in the one photo, so good.