Feb 5, 2011

Valentine's Finds

I've been seeing the most adorable lately that are getting me all excited for Valentine's Day. I doubt Jordan and I will be able to fully indulge in the "holiday" because I am pretty sure our Ireland group is taking a hike on the 14th, but nonetheless, I will be celebrating in spirit.

Cupid Kit from Etsy

Sweet Wreath

Pretty papery from Etsy

Foxy Favors by Paper Source

Strawberry hearts

Love bowls from Etsy

Garland project from DesignSponge


  1. Awwwe those are so cute. :) Valentine's Day is one of my favorites although I've only ever had an actual Valentine once. It's just such a fun day!

  2. AWW, these are all adorable! I love the strawberry hearts and Cupid Kit. I think it'll be so fun to do something when your a new couple♥

    Happy weekend, love!