Feb 10, 2011

Day Trip to New Places

After studying Irish History in class last week, we finally were able to take our first trip out to see some of the places we had been learning about. The passage tomb Newgrange was the main site, known for the fact that is was built several centuries before the pyramids in Egypt. Crazy! Also, Newgrange was built so that on the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice of December 21st, the sun will shine through a small passageway that illuminates the entire burial chamber inside for about 17 minutes.

Next we traveled over to the ruins of Mellifont Abbey...

Then it was time for Monasterboice where we saw the highest Celtic cross in all of Ireland, as well as the cutest little Irish cottage right beside the cemetary

Our next stop was to The Hill of Slane. We were able to get some of most beautiful views of the countryside here.

The final stop was to Tara Hill, my favorite place of the day. We arrived to find a huge open space of land with the greenest grass and rolling hills. Plus there were sheep!

It was a wonderful day to be outside enjoying God's beautiful creation. I was thankful to travel around and experience some of the rich Irish History while getting some exercise and taking in the fresh Ireland air.

I was exhausted when the day was over. We rode back home to Greystones on our big red bus, ready to get some home made dinner and restful sleep.

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