Feb 3, 2011

A Whole New World

I have been staying busy here, and already I have experienced things that still seem like a dream. I really cannot believe I am actually in Ireland! It hits me in a new way every time I wake up.

It helps me to process the things that happen here by taking photos, writing things down on paper, talking with the people here, and obviously, blogging. With this I am able to grasp the deeper meaning that I am usually not searching for in my day to day routine in the states.

One practice I have been disciplined enough to do is journaling daily. If not daily, then often. I save my receipts, newspaper clippings, plane stubs, and anything else that falls into my fingertips. I paste these things in my journal, and then I write. At this point it seems silly and forgettable, but ten years from now I will cherish those small pieces of paper and words in a notebook from one of the most memorable times of my life.

This week has been constant with new experiences to write about.

I have visited Dublin. It was nothing like what I expected. It's very compact, yet big and busy. I loved it.

I have been to the famous Temple Bar!

I have started some great relationships, and I have experienced community in a whole new way.

I have been hit with differences in culture, like pureed soups, which is the most common in Ireland. This right here is vegetable soup, but it is definitely not the kind of vegetable soup I was expecting. Very delicious though.

I have received the largest collection of textbooks in one semester that I have ever had. The difference is, I would probably thoroughly enjoy reading all of these.

I have studied Irish History, realizing that the places I was reading about would be places I will be visiting in a few weeks.

I have visited several Cafes in the neighboring towns of Greystones

I have experienced the Dart Train, learning how to do public transportation in a different country.

I have ordered tea, surprised to find that the standard is actually to get your own cute little pot which holds three servings of tea.

Oh yeah, and I visited Bono's house, (actually, the gate in front of his house). The neighborhood is one of the more beautiful places I have been to yet.


  1. Hello, darling!

    Aww, thanks so much for the update&new pictures. I'm so excited to see your little time in Ireland unfold and being able to view it on here!

    It looks and sounds like a wonderful&magical experience. And yes, journaling is great! I know how you feel though, but it'll definitely be worth having years from now.

    Oh, and did I mention how super adorable you are, dear?! I love your hair and sweet smile:)


  2. Alli!! You are living a dream!! I love it!! :)