Jan 30, 2011

My first day in Greystones, Ireland

We made it! The six hour flight was rough, but worth it. When I stepped out of the plane into 50 degree weather, I knew I was not in Michigan anymore.

Our small group of 20 was greeted at the Dublin airport by the Resident Directors, Laura and Kyle (and Kyle's wife Kelsey). We rode the bus to our new home in Greystones, which is actually a YMCA center called Coolnagreina. We have our own kitchen, classroom, bedrooms, two living rooms, a small library, and free laundry!

Here is the main house:

my bedroom that I share with Audrey and Emily.

The upstairs hall

the sunroom that connects the kitchen area to the coffee room

kitchen, where all our meals are provided for us (except when we cook on weekends)

"The Coffee Room"

"The Red Room"

The main lobby

walkway by the sea

some of our group

beautiful scenery of Ireland

shops in Greystones

very popular cafe called The Happy Pear

After a day of getting to know everyone, eating, drinking tea, and touring Greystones, we finally went to bed at 8:00pm. The entire day was a struggle, because we had been up for about 33 hours, so by the time I crawled under the covers and put my head on the pillow, I was out.

Waking up today in Ireland this morning was a wonderful feeling. Now it has finally hit me that I am here for good.


  1. Love your pictures Alli and I'm so excited to be able to see updates and live vicariously while your there. I pray that you have an amazing time and that God uses this time to strengthen lead both you and Jordan :))))

  2. Gorgeous photos! And the house looks great. Glad you made it safeley!

  3. beautiful Al, so glad you made it and that you are already in love (although I know you would have loved wherever you went :)

  4. You're there! That's amazing:)

    I'm glad you're doing well settling in...I can't wait to see&hear what God has planned for you while you're there.

    The town looks beautiful and so quaint! I bet Ireland is wonderful.

    Have a lovely week, darling!


  5. Ahh, woonderful. Thanks for sharing. I'll be there with you from afar :-).


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