Sep 16, 2010

Our room in Kem smells of incense.

so this is the final result of our little quaint dorm. Hannah and I love this place, and we have enjoyed every moment of decorating.

Unfortunately, we have come across a few setbacks. Since this university loves to give us restrictions, we have to find creative ways to make our dorm feel like a home rather than a sterile and blank room like they probably want us to have.

There is always something new.
Every year I get "in trouble" and plastered with ridiculous fines by girls with power trips. The resident staff in my experience has always been a little too obsessive about the "fire and safety" regulations at IWU. You would think they might offer some grace and understanding, but it's actually the opposite. I can't wait for the day when I'm in a townhouse on campus where the RA's just don't give a crap, because they know the rules are completely stupid, and they also realize that we are adults and we should probably be treated as such.

To give you a taste, I will just say that the recent incident happened over burning incense. That's right, incense. It's such a terrible and rebellious act right? yes, well, some people here view it that way apparently. It's so funny. They were literally in a mad frenzy. We like to say "only at IWU" when things like that happen. And then we laugh at them and move on with our day, knowing that we have more important things to spend our time on.

(I apologize for the negativity, but some people just need to stop.)


  1. Allison,

    Try to understand that your RA's are not on power trips, nor do they enjoy enforcing the UNIVERSITY'S policies. They do it because they have to for their job. I HATE enforcing rules in Bowman because it's hard on my relationships with my residents, but I do it because I signed a contract saying that I would and my integrity means something to me. I apologize if your interactions with your RA were unpleasant, but I'm sure they were trying to handle something they HAD to take care of as best as they could. I understand that it's difficult to see it from the RA's point of view until you've been in the position, but please try.

    You wrote that "You would think they might offer some grace and understanding..."

    It seems as if you're expecting that from them without offering any yourself.

    I'm just trying to offer you another point of view; I don't want to be offensive or cause further dissension. Also, we should get coffee sometime and talk about this/other things. We ain't hung out since we was freshmen.

    Your friend,

  2. Alli your room looks so freaking cute. I want to come see in when i come up for a visit some time. I totally agree with you on the silly rules. seriously ... get a toho next year, we burned incense all the time. O and when there was a birthday ... yeah we had candles, and a lighter. (ohh such a travesty, in iwu's eyes) lol
    I do have to admit though, that all the new fire regulations are a direct result from the fire a year and a half a go in our campus own house. My roommates and I are the culprits that you can blame. Honestly though you got to love iwu for sticking us in the crappiest house known to man.

  3. Hello dear!

    Well, first of all I love the dorm--you girls did a wonderful job! I love the globe and map. :)

    And second, that is so lame about the fire safety regulations....and getting in trouble for burning incense? really??!! That's just sad. I love incense!

    Have a wonderful day.