Sep 25, 2010

Three Lists of Ten.

I now realize how much free time I had in the summer, and how much free time I do not have during the school year. This is my third year at college, and it is by far the busiest year yet. Thankfully, it has been busy in a good way. I love my classes, and I love learning. I appreciate IWU more and more with every semester. I am attached to this school and the people here. It has become home to me, and I am thankful.

With busyness comes a lack of blogging. I need to find time! This blog is my outlet.
So I will offer you tidbits of my life lately...

What I've been up to the last few weeks:

1. reading a lot of textbooks
2. working at McConn and loving every minute
3. spending time with my dear friends Hannah, Beth, Kate, and Anna
4. sweatin' at Turbo kick and piyo
5. Contributing to PRSSA as the Vice President, trying to pull everything together
6. consuming lots of coffee
7. struggling through my accounting class
8. putting out a fashion column for the newspaper at our school
9. looking for summer Internship opportunities in Indianapolis
10. getting so excited talking about the future with Jordan, and thanking the Lord for what a blessing he is to my life

What I am listening to this fall season:

1. Skinny Love - Bon Iver
2. In These Arms - The Swell Season
3. When I go - Slow Club
4. A Whistle - Josh LeMasters
5. Generator First Floor - Freelance Whales
7. I Gave You All - Mumford & Sons
8. The Wild Hunt - The Tallest Man on Earth
9. Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes
10. Who Knows Who Cares - Local Natives

Things I need to work on:

1. getting enough sleep
2. finding creativity in Baldwin (healthier food options)
3. trusting God's will, and being patient while waiting for His answer to prayer
4. being intentional with my relationships
5. visiting Williams prayer chapel
6. preparing for the professional world
7. doing my laundry...
8. figuring out a way to battle Sprint cell phone service
9. remembering to take my multivitamin
10. allowing myself to stop, rest, and give up my worries

That's all for now folks!
Have a great Sunday morning.


  1. Hello darling!

    Glad to see another post. This one was lovely and the words are quite nice.

    I wish you well in college, dear. ♥


  2. It's probably appropriate that we like the same music since we are besties, but seriously, we like the SAME music :-)(love that). GREAT top 10 songs lady.


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