Jun 13, 2010

I entertain with coffee and tea.

Without cable television and internet access, I have come to enjoy good conversation with a freshly steeped cup of tea, or brewed cup of joe. A few of my closest friends have already paid a visit to the new house.

It's nice that one of my best friends is also dating my roommate. Jordan and I have loved hanging out with Gabby and Tim. Even though Tim lives in Ft. Wayne, he still takes frequent trips down to Marion. I am glad he has found a beautiful and wonderful woman of God who will hopefully turn into a good friend of my own.

This weekend was spent in good company. Beth came to visit! She is one of my closest friends that I don't get to see enough. I am so thankful for her and all she has done for me in the last two years. We were attached to the hip freshman year of college, and now we are so busy that we have to work to find time to catch up. It was such a relief to spend two whole days with her.

Beth and I hung out one night with our friends Tom and Levi. We all took a trip to Meijer for dinner supplies, and headed back to my house to cook. The house immediately smoked up and we all started to boil. We were sweating bullets. It was tough to make the meal peacefully but we eventually got it done. Burgers, salad, corn on the cob, and sauteed mushrooms & onions. It was surprisingly delicious.

One thing I did learn about myself is that I thoroughly enjoy doing dishes.

My other roommate Devon helped me get them all dried, but I felt accomplished once dinner was finished and the kitchen was sparkling clean.

Later in the night Beth and I went back to buy some International Delight coffee creamers, sugar, paper towels, and salt. It was expensive! The cheapest paper towels were basically $2.00 a roll. Thankfully we could find cheap salt and sugar, but I am not looking forward to spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on groceries for the rest of my life.

I have noticed that since then, I have been super protective of the paper towels. I wouldn't even let Jordan use one to dry his hands.

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