Jun 12, 2010

I finally feel like our house has become a home.

It is cleaned and stocked with food. I decorated and didn't forget to add candles and incense. After living here for only a few weeks, I already feel comfortable.

My favorite things about the living room are:

1. The beautiful globe I found at the Marion flea market
2. My Urban Outfitter throw pillows.

Thanks to Liz for letting us borrow her record player! We love it. And we use it daily.

The kitchen is adorable. Tons of cupboard space.
There is also a hidden wooden cutting board that slides out of the counter.

I'm especially proud of my baby owls. I have six of them that sit right above the sink. They are the closest thing we have to a pet.

My room is painted a pretty green color. It gives the space some character.

What I love most about the house overall:
1. Wood floors
2. Ceiling fans
3. The big tree in the backyard

I consider a house with limited air conditioning abilities to be a plus. Summer for me means freezing my butt off 80% of the time. Air conditioning is everywhere, and I never get to enjoy the heat and the sun. But in my house, I am content and warm all the time. Sometimes a little too warm, but I would rather have that than wearing my sweaters and boots all summer long.

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  1. I love this house Alli! I can't wait to visit!!