Jun 14, 2010

All things honey

Honey is one of my favorite foods. I am fascinated with bees and honey in general. I put it in my tea, on my bread, or I just eat it plain. My birthday is coming up, and I am thinking of getting some New Zealand artisan honey.

I've had my eye on this particular flavor from J.Friend and Co. The description lures me right in.

"Clarence Valley Vipers Bugloss Honey is a rich buttery colour. It is a very sweet delicate honey with a distinctive vanilla taste, light pollen and floral notes. It is a good all-round honey. Mild enough for most cooking it will add delicate honey flavours to any dish, sweet or savoury. A good match for strongly flavoured cheeses such as blues, hard cheese such as aged Cheddar or Parmesan or even pungent washed rind cheese."


I can just imagine the taste of one large spoonful of Vipers Bugloss honey. But imagining isn't good enough.

I think purchasing bee accessories along with my honey would be fun. Maybe I will get this cute print to match.

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