Jun 1, 2010

I already miss Greece, and it has only been one week.

Time flies.

The way I can adjust and find a routine so quickly amazes me. It's a blessing and curse.

My trip felt long and permanent. And now I am back in the states and moving on with life. I have been telling family and friends all about what I learned and what I saw, but talking about it isn't enough. I wish people could see for themselves and truly understand everything that I try to express through words.

At least I have hundreds and hundreds of photos!

The view from the top of The Temple of Athena.

We spent some of our free time visiting the Acropolis. We were right next to the Parthenon and the Theater of Dionysus. I never imagined it being so huge!

It really was magnificent.

The bond between our team was strong and powerful. We spent two weeks seeing each others personalities in a whole new setting. I realize now that a team like ours is one of a kind. Living together and going through the emotional roller coasters of a mission trip brought us on a whole new level or friendship. These are the people who were with me during one of the most influential and important experiences of my life.

One person who I would have been lost without is Haley Pearson. She was my other half during those two weeks. It was such a blessing to have her with me the whole way through.

And finally,

This is one of my favorite streets in Greece....

And this is the cute little Greek coffee shop we visited

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  1. It sounds like such a great trip!!!! I'm happy it was an amazing experience.

    I LOVE the picture of those flower things. Brilliant!!


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