May 28, 2010

We ate some delicious food in Greece:
Treats from the bakery

Fresh fruit from the market

An Iranian meal

Greek Salad

Cheesy Pasta


Greek chicken casserole

Baba Ganoush, cherries, and Greek dip

Chocolate filled pretzels

...More fruit from the stand

We had a variety of meals. We ate dinners at the full-time team members houses. We went out to Greek restaurants. We ordered pizza, grabbed gyros for a quick bite, and we even did some of our own cooking. I enjoyed trying all the new things.

I do have to say that I am thankful for our coffee in America. Every time I tried to order a latte, it never turned out right. It's also impossible to get peanut butter in Greece, and they don't use ice in beverages. That was very hard to get used to. One of the first things I had when I came home was Dr. Pepper with ice, and toast with peanut butter!

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