Jun 2, 2010

June is here!

One of my favorite seasons. It's summertime and my birthday is in a few weeks. I haven't really decided what I want yet, but I am definitely hoping for some art supplies and new tea.

Thankfully one of the first things I did this summer was see a Mosquito Fleet show on campus during the NAIA track nationals. It was one of their best performances, and there were even fireworks going off while they played. We had free ice pops and snow cones. It probably couldn't have gotten any better.

I have to say that the new Goodwill in Marion has been such a treat. You can always find the best, and funniest things there.

Lately I have been spending time with my friends and family. I needed to catch up with people and start the summer off right with a little bit of relaxation and fun. Jordan and I went to my house in Battle Creek last weekend. We saw Babies, Iron Man 2 and also finished the last few episodes of Celebrity Apprentice.

One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing my baby cousin.

And of course we had to see the aunts and uncles while we were in Battle Creek. My Aunt Sue has one of the cutest homes I have ever seen. I want one just like it someday. We had a cookout on the patio at her place and I told my family all about my trip.

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  1. Gaaaaahhh!! Mosquito Fleet!! Lucky, lucky girl!!

    Oh and I want to be with you on your birthday!!!


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