Jun 26, 2010

Another week in Marion filled with fun summer events.

It all started when Jordan and I decided to make yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

then we spent an evening in Ft. Wayne shopping, eating at Flat Top Grill, and watching the movie Killers at The Rave.

Today was the demolition derby at the 4-H Fair. I will be adding this to my list of favorite events in Grant County.

Fair food only comes around once in a while, so we had to go all out. It was lemonade, corn dogs, and ice cream for dinner. Suffering through the 90 degree weather was a challenge, but it was worth it to experience the smashing cars, country music, and the lovely and unique crowd at the fairgrounds.

Best moment of the derby:

We topped the evening off by spending some quality time with friends. Jordan and I met up with Time and Gabby at the house and we were all sporting our gray V-necks. True friends must wear the same clothes.

I guess you could say my week was pretty successful.


  1. You are so stinkin' cute. :) This is a fabulous post. AH! I love Flat Top Grill...and the flat bread you can get? So delicious for sure. Ah, good 'ol fair!

    Have a wonderful Sunday.


  2. Yeah! What a good ending! Best post by far! Loved it!

  3. alli those first few pics of you are GORGEOUS! you are so adorable...miss you dear. when would be best to visit?


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