Mar 22, 2012

[Hunger Games Premiere]

Tonight is the night I have been waiting for since I devoured the Hunger Games books over our honeymoon in July. I remember reading the books and telling Jordan "wouldn't this be such a cool movie?! I hope they make one someday."

Well, I got my wish.

 My group of girlfriends and I purchased our tickets back in February for the 12:04 showing in Muncie, Indiana. This week, The Hunger Games fever is buzzing all over campus, and truth be told, my school work has been on the back burner (considering I had to spend all of my time researching about the film and prepare my costume, of course).

Here is the evening line up:

Hair dying: bright teal and teased
- Hannah Towler and I as capitol citizens
- Kate Rush as Primrose Everdeen
- Anna Kujacznski as Cinna
- Bethany Ezawa as Katniss Everdeen
Makeup: Capital couture and dirty district 12 looks
Photos: submitted to District Style Challenge 
Movie snack run: we need our cheap candies for munching
Early arrival and seating: show off all of our hard work
12:04 premiere: two and a half hours of brutal fighting, love triangle, and beautiful capitol fashion

We are currently at the peak of excitement and anticipation. We only have a few hours to wait before we are watching Katniss on the big screen.

And just in case you were wondering, I am team Gale all the way ;)

Are you are going to the premiere too? If so, don't forget to salute Rue in the theater! And I want to hear what everyone thinks of the film afterward. Have fun and get there early for prime seating! 

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