Nov 5, 2011

{A Cabin in the Woods}

Last weekend we went on a short vacation to my home state of Michigan. We drove three hours with Hannah and Lawson to a little swedish cabin near the lake and right in the middle of the woods. Lawson's parents were there and they welcomed us into their home for three full days of good food and wood fires. I have never stayed in a house with more character; really, this place is the cutest thing. 

Here's what we spent our time doing:

fires on the beach, chinese lanterns, playground playing, mansion viewing, painting and carving pumpkins (for free at an art gallery!), Tapas restaurant, the game of Dixit, crafting, eating eating eating, drinking hot cider, visiting new shops, Oinks ice cream, sleeping in, and reading scripture with the Bunch family.

What a lovely weekend of fellowship and relaxation. Oh, pure Michigan, we love you.  


  1. yay! I love it so much! great pictures Al!

  2. How did you like Dixit? We played it a couple months ago and it's kinda weird. We had trouble not being too literal with the descriptions at first, but got better the longer we played. Strange game though.

  3. Get out!! This looks like so much fun!!!

  4. Jath, we love Dixit! We are gonna buy it and play with you guys. It just takes time to get used to. So fun like a fantasy land.

    Teresa, Oinks is a Michigan favorite. I remember going there when we were little!

    Kels, it was fun! You would have loved the cabin!

    Han, thanks. Again, sorry it took forever haha.

  5. Wow, Allison! Thank you for sharing your photographic skills with us. We will treasure these beautiful photos of a lovely weekend.