Oct 27, 2011

{Fall Family Weekend}

Last weekend Jordan and I made a trip to Michigan to hang out with my family. It was just what we needed: relaxing and watching tv (the entire 2nd season of Friday Night Lights), sleeping in until noon, doing fall things, and catching up with the people we love and miss. 

We devoted our Friday to our Michigan family tradition of Cranes and carving pumpkins. Cranes is an amazing restaurant/apple orchard that we go to every year. They sell yummy homemade pies, homemade applesauce, and they have killer spiced cider. We got a couple bags of apples, one for munching, the other baking, and of course we stayed to enjoy a meal together as a family. 

The next activity, pumpkin choosing and carving, was a little more serious for me. This year I wanted to carve something that was representative of my personality, so naturally I carved a kitty cat pumpky ;-) meow. 

Our night ended with the classic Halloween film, Carrie. One that my parents and I will always love, but Jordan and Leah did not enjoy. It was pretty entertaining to listen to my Dad's commentary throughout the movie though. 

What beautiful pumpkins they are right?

I had a great weekend in Michigan, and I am so excited to have ANOTHER one starting tomorrow. Hello cabin by lake Michigan, here we come!

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  1. Love all the pics Alli. I think Jordon needs a bigger spoon. LOL
    Alli's pumkin wins hands down boys!!!! Love Aunt Cindy


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