Aug 4, 2011

{summer snacks}

 This week I have been inspired by food. I have made it my new goal to experiment and put a little more effort into what I make and put into my body. With this new mindset, I spent over three hours yesterday devouring my cooking binder, which is an amazing tool and work of art my Mother made for me as a wedding gift. She clipped articles on food tips, saved recipes from magazines and books, and then organized all of the hundreds of clippings into categories for me to refer to as I cook and learn more about food. I found great ideas for meals and new ways to use herbs and spices that I never knew existed. I had way too much fun, and it didn't stop there. 

After I finished with the binder, I moved on to blogs. Food blogs, video blogs about food, and websites that offer healthy and unique recipes. Next, I went to my cookbooks. After hours of this, I finally narrowed down our shopping list for the week with each meal planned as well as some new desserts to attempt. Wow. 

So today I started out with a few of my summer favorites. 

 1. Salsa. I have blogged about homemade salsa before, but I need to mention it again. This is what I crave all summer long, and I finally got to make it today. I use Roma tomatoes, green and red pepper, onion, garlic, salt, cilantro, and fresh lime. perfection.

2. My drink of choice in the hot months: crystal light lime margarita flavored lemonade mixed with cranberry pomegranate juice. I think I have already drank 3 glasses today.

3. Cheddar and horseradish cheese spread with wheat thins. Perfect for a mid-day snack. This one is a childhood favorite of mine. 

Food is good.

What is your favorite summer snack or recipe? I would love to have some more ideas to add to my collection.


  1. i love horseradish and wheat thins.

  2. You would love this website!
    She is my domestic inspiration ;)


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