May 20, 2011

wow, it's been too long since I blogged.

Life has been crazy lately, but the transition phase from Ireland to the States is basically over now. It's back to real life: an internship at the Boys and Girls Club of Grant County, and preparing for our wedding. Only 43 days until the big day.

But this weekend we are celebrating the marriage of our friends Emilie and Logan. I know it's going to be so special :)

I am excited for this summer and everything that is to come. I always have to remind myself that the time I have in the waiting is just as sweet. This week there have been days where I want to fast forward my life, but then I think about the many hours I have spent with my family and friends recently, and I would never want to replace that. I cherish it. I have been waiting for this reunion all semester in Ireland, and now I have it.

Thank you God for the present.

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