May 6, 2011

last day.

It is my very last day in Ireland. It has been an amazing experience, and I am thankful to be taking home so many life lessons and Ireland knowledge.

I have been so excited thinking about returning to the States, but today I have felt a sadness about leaving that I never had before. I guess there are moments of both. I'm sad to leave the place that I have considered my home for the past three months, and I'm even more sad to leave the people that I have lived with. At the same time, I am happy. Happy to be moving on to the next chapter of my life.

Today I finished packing, ate my last meal here at the Y, and hung out in Dunleary, Sandycove, and of course our lovely town of Greystones. I made a final purchase of hot chocolate at the Happy Pear, and I bought 5 books for 1 euro at the local "charity store." I went out with one of our leaders, Laura, and three other girls from our group, Emily, Gueb, and Alyssa. We went to the coolest pub I have been into yet, where, lucky for us - it was 70's, 80's, and 90's music night. I wouldn't have spent the day any other way.

Tomorrow I leave for my 12:00 flight, where I will enjoy my ipod and movies on the plane for 6 hours.

The jet lag and reverse culture shock I'll be facing when I get back is worth hugging my parents at the airport and sleeping in my own bed again.

Goodbye Ireland, hello home.

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