Feb 15, 2011

A little thanks

This is the sort of thing I see everyday.

Thank you God for creating such magnificence. The moment I see it, I am reminded of how small and unimportant I am. We all need that every now and again.

In chapel today we were given a bit of advice from an Irishman named Derek. He spoke about our tendency to worry about how we measure up to what everyone else is doing with their lives. We focus on other peoples accomplishments, constantly comparing ourselves to the world instead of focusing on our calling from God.

He said,

"learn what it is that God wants you to do with your life, then do it, and mind your own business"

what a freedom I would have if I just minded my own business.


  1. What an inspirational post, Allison! :) Something that I think I, and everyone else, needs♥

    Breathtaking beauty for sure in that photo! You're so lucky to be in Ireland, love:)


  2. What an inspirational post, Allison! :)

    This is something that I, and everyone else, should definitely hear. Thanks so much for sharing, dear!

    Breathtaking photo. How lucky you are to be there to admire it in person♥


  3. Thank-you for sharing, Alli! I really resonate with this. Isn't our God so great? And how overwhelming is it that He cares so intensely about us? Mmmm. This makes me miss you! I so wish we could sit for 5 hours over coffee and tea right now...