Feb 16, 2011

Flowers by Lynda

After I received my beautiful flowers from Jordan on Valentines day, I was curious about the little shop around the corner where he bought them from. Instead of my usual routine of passing the florist while walking into the main center of town, I stopped in to say hello to Lynda and see what her place was all about.

It was a pleasant and welcoming shop, with just the right personality for my taste. I guess I haven't been into many floral shops before, maybe not any in my life, but I knew right away that this one has something special. I think it might be Lynda's passion for her business that makes it so wonderful.

She greeted my friend Emily and I with a smile and a hello. We chatted with her for a few minutes, explaining who we were and why we were here in Ireland. We quickly learned that Lynda is from that States as well! Pennsylvania actually, although you would never be able to tell with her great Irish accent. Her shop has been open since September, and it has been such a hit in the community of Greystones.

I think if I had a flower shop, this is just the way I could only dream it would be.

You can visit the website HERE (Flowers by Lynda delivers internationally as well)

"I love flowers and have an eye for design and color. I believe beauty makes people happy and I’ve seen what happens when a client is surrounded by the things and the people they love most. It’s magic!" - Lynda

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  1. Flowers by Lynda is a special shop. I miss my sister. Cheers from Susan in CA


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