Jan 19, 2011

Save the Date

Jordan and I decided that we wanted to get creative for our save-the-dates (plus we wanted to save money).

We thought about our options and realized there are too many choices these days for wedding goodies. I was getting overwhelmed until I realized how fun and easy a video would be, especially a stop-motion, which I had done before with my girlfriends.

It took us roughly an entire day to make our video. Now just in case you aren't familiar with stop motion, I'll let you know that the entire thing is made from pictures. Yes, still images. And that is why it takes so so so long to create.

We used the chalkboard in Jordan's parents' basement, and from there the inspiration was flooding in. Jordan was such a help, in fact I think he has found a new hobby. The best part was the feeling of accomplishment after we watched the final version of all our hard work. ahhhh.

So here it is....

Jordan and Alli Save the Date from allison dowell on Vimeo.

We sure do hope our guests enjoyed receiving this little package in their inboxes.

1 comment:

  1. umm, yes! this is stinking adorable:) i love the stop action.

    well done, guys! it's brilliant.