Jan 22, 2011


In five days I will be getting on a plan to Dublin, Ireland.

I will spend my entire spring semester in this beautiful new land. For these three months, I am taking every opportunity to learn and to grow in ways that can only be offered through living in a place that is completely foreign to me. I am ready to be immersed in a culture without having to turn around and leave before it really sticks. When I went to Greece in May for a few weeks, I was challenged, but this time it will be different. A new purpose, a new place, and a much longer amount of time. Three weeks is nothing compared to three months.

I am ready to make friends with the Irish folk and their thick accents and vulgar language.
I am willing to jump out of my comfort zone.
I am excited for free-spirited travel and adventure.
I can barely breathe when I think about going to Paris for four days!!
And I am extra pumped for the Irish dancing, greenery, hiking, theater, opera, rugby, hurling, pubs, and night life.

My studies will be nothing like what I am used to, my weekends will not be overloaded with homework and stress, and unlike my time in the States, my time spent in Ireland will be intentional with every second, and every moment.

This has been my dream, and I still can't believe that I am doing it -- with my best friend and the love of my life. We will grow so much.

My life is changing quickly, and in many great ways.

1. Ireland
2. Marriage
3. Moving
4. Graduation
5. Career


Some people might be scared if they were in my position. The busy and pressure filled life that never stops going seems like too much to handle, but that is what I thrive on. The best part is, I'm not worried one little bit. God has blessed me, and He is carrying me through it all. I have no reason to fear or worry when I have a God that has never let me down.

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  1. this post...wow, it's so amazing! i loved reading it. you worded it so perfectly. i imagine if i were in your shoes i would be nervous and ecstatic at the same time! and yes, i would be just as excited about going to paris too.
    it's one of my highest lifelong dreams! i always talk as if i'm going there but someday when it comes that i'm actually going i think i would die of excitement, it would be so surreal! :)

    God has blessed you so much! I trust that He will continue to be faithful to you, and yes, there is no reason to fear or worry! He is always there for us.