Nov 16, 2010

Take a look at this.

Cutest set of cups for two from Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Nest Rest from Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. This would be the most magical place to read a book.

Bunny calender from The Paper Thieves

Moxy Lolly Roller Skates from Urban Outfitters. (way too expensive, but awesome)

Jersey shirt with leaf applique from Minxshop.

Critter wall decals from mae.

Pink bouquet vintage cabochon necklace from Dreamy Vintage.

I hope you found these items interesting!
Now I should stop blogging and start studying.


  1. Thanks Kim! I love yours too! (I know you have had it for a while now, but still).

  2. Those mugs are so cute!! I love them :) I love all these pictures!

  3. I thought so too!
    Too bad they're all sold out on the website :(


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