Nov 5, 2010

I walked, Cause You Walked

I had the pleasure of going to a Sufjan Stevens concert last night in downtown Indy at The Hilbert Circle Theater.

Before the show, one of my bests, Marie Lussier, came to Marion with her boyfriend Cory. Jordan and I gave them a tour of our campus, and then we grabbed some dinner at Payne's. We hit the road, and arrived to find a big long line outside the theater. Standing outside in the cold was totally worth it though.

It was mind blowing.

Sufjan is one of my favorite artists, and I love him even more after seeing him perform his new album Age of Adz. It is nothing like his previous stuff, but I still love it. And it was a pleasant surprise to find out that Sufjan is actually a very witty and intelligent guy. He told stories, cracked jokes, and rambled about odd things in between almost every song. He also gave us some insight into the meaning behind the album, and his inspiration in creating it.

Most of the show was focused on space, planets, sound, crazy lights, robots, and anything that would put you into a trance.

But then... the encore came. Sufjan and his gang went back onstage in their normal clothes with their acoustic guitars, banjos, and their plain 'ol A Capella voices.
It was amazing.

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