Oct 4, 2010

It's time to bust out the brown leather.

This past weekend was a fall celebration. My roommate Hannah, along with her boyfriend Santiago, and of course Jordan, came home with me to Battle Creek, Michigan. We wanted a few days of rest, relaxation, and everything that comes with the beautiful fall season.

Before we left, I warned Hannah and Santi of my family's love for cats. I went over the important details like the eight different names for each cat that we have adopted over the years. (They probably think we're crazy)

We packed up and started the drive after classes on Friday. We arrived after the familiar two hour long trip, and we spent time with my family at home. We played a game of tennis on our court, ate a home cooked meal, and had a fire in the backyard. We sat in the living room with my parents while my Dad asked my friends questions as usual.

And Saturday was the perfect day to visit the orchard. We went to Cranes for lunch and homemade apple cider, and of course we picked apples, taking big bites of the juicy Golden Delicious.

Hannah and I took on the baking Saturday evening.
We made baked apples and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies while the boys lounged in the living room....

We didn't need their help. The desserts were all amazing.

To end our weekend, we went to church and had a lazy Sunday watching The Office and The Sixth Sense.

It was a wonderful weekend with crisp Michigan fall weather.
I am always thankful to spend some time at home with my family.

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