Oct 6, 2010

Spotlight on Style

Hannah and I have started a fashion column for our school newspaper, The Sojourn. We are doing a once a month article for college students, which includes tips and advice about style and fashion. Our first issue was last month, and today we will be working on our October issue.

If you're interested... "5 Fashion Myths From the Past 5 Decades" was what we came up with for September.

1. You can’t wear white after Labor Day

Perhaps one of the most famous fashion myths of all time is hiding away white clothing after the first week of September. Many people associate lightweight fabrics with lighter colors, but white coats and white sweaters will always be in style during winter months. Lighter fabrics such as linen should be avoided in cooler weather.

2. Black, blue and brown must not mix

Mixing these three hues can often get tricky, but that does not mean you have to disregard mixing them. Stick to brighter blues and steer clear of matching these three. If it is hard to distinguish your blacks, blues and browns from each other, avoid wearing them together.

3. Horizontal stripes are making you look horizontally challenged

Many people stick to vertically striped shirts because they think they are more slimming than horizontally striped shirts. A perception expert at the University of New York did a study on this and found that people actually perceive those with horizontal stripes as thinner than those without them.

4. Always match your shoes with your belt (or your purse, ladies)

The trick to myth busting this idea is to stick with hues in the same color family. Like number two, make sure hues are of varying shades.

5. Never mix and match prints

Mixing and matching prints is becoming more and more popular. Whether you’re mixing argyles with plaids or different sized stripes, always keep moderation in mind. If you are wearing mismatched shapes or patterns, make sure some colors of the two correlate and always have a dominant print. If your prints are fighting for attention, you will most likely stand out in a way you didn’t intend to.

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