Aug 11, 2010

We never get bored in Indianapolis.

This weekend Jordan's parents took us for a little getaway to Indy. The city is only an hour away, but it still felt like a big vacation. Indianapolis is one of my favorite cities, so I was happy just to go regardless of what we ended up doing. I think I could spend an entire day just driving down all the neighborhoods admiring the beautiful old homes, or visiting all the cafes and unique places Indy has to offer. It really is an amazing place that is the perfect size. It is a city with character.

Friday night we drove down to Mass Ave, an artsy area filled with galleries, theaters, shops, and restaurants. This is the area where we experienced Indy's finest improv. I had never been to a comedy show before, so I really didn't know what to expect. But this was a fun, clean, performance that was extremely entertaining. We liked that it was set up as a competition between two teams. It was nice to have a good laugh.

The next day was my favorite part.

The Children's Museum!

I love an excuse to act like a little girl. This museum is overflowing with fun toys and constant stimulation. We went from one exhibit to the other doing all the kids activities and experiments. Barbie was the best one in my opinion. What a flashback to the past.

On Monday Jordan and I went down to Indy AGAIN to see our friends Hannah and Santiago. They took us to a delicious Cajun restaurant in broad ripple. I was so thankful to see my lovely Hannah at least once over the summer. The good thing is, we will be roommates this year at IWU and I'll be able to see her everyday. Just another reason to be excited for school to start.

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  1. I really, really love that last photo of you and Hannah. You both look so so beautiful! I'm glad you get to be roommates this year!


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