Jul 23, 2010

We ate at Payne's. And this time we did not have homework to bring along.

I associate Payne's with evening study sessions. We usually go there during the school year and camp out with our books and assignments. Payne's has the perfect environment to do work in peace, but also get some socializing in. Plus the food is delicious and they have the best custard and coffee drinks. A little cafe like Payne's was exactly where I wanted to be after Jordan, Gabby, and I climbed the rock wall at IWU. The best part of it all was that I could go there without a heavy backpack.

After we ate our meals (pulled pork sandwich for Jordan, apple walnut & brie panini for me) and drank our beverages (Irish cream latte for Jordan, Passion plum tea for me), it was time to pull out the wallets.

Jordan said "our wallets sum up our entire relationship. They perfectly explain our personalities."

I thought it was hilarious. He was so right. After that he continued to describe my wallet and all the ways it shouted Allison. He did the same for himself. It was a fun little game.

Maybe I am just easily amused.


  1. I want to hear about the ways your wallet screams Allison!

  2. Okay! haha. He said:

    1. It's so large and obnoxious it needs another bag just to carry it
    2. Everything is perfectly organized inside and has its special compartment
    3. It's decorated and stylish
    4. There are a ton of little extra things that aren't really necessary inside
    5. And it's filled with change, never wasting even a penny

  3. this made me laugh! true true very true.