Jun 24, 2010

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This chair just looks fun. I think if I sat in one I would feel like a baby bird in a nest.

LACE FENCE! That's right. It is a doily inspired fence.

What a beautiful spacious room. This is the kind of clean home I want to live in. Bright, simple, and unique.

And finally the indoor tent. This reminds me of my childhood. My cousins and I used to build tents that wrapped around our entire basement. We created mazes and rooms. I would live in those tents, and they would stay up for weeks.

I wish I could still build tents.

Hey, it's almost Friday!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love all of this! :) Thanks for sharing. And, yes, tents are awesome. I used to always build them as well and they would stay up for weeks with me too.

    Check out my blog! I share it with someone just so your not confused.


  2. hi miss,

    i'm glad your birthday went well! wish i could have made you a pie or cupcake or something!

    keep making tents. logan and i made one and watched movies during school breaks. so good, so good.

    keep loving marion, love you!


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