Jun 4, 2010

Battle Creek has the best zoo.

We went there last weekend with my Mom and sister. It's actually the perfect size. Right when you're starting to get super sweaty and tired, you hit the end and you feel really accomplished for making it through the whole thing. They have an African Safari area that is pretty legit. They take you on a zebra train through the woods, and eventually you wind up in Africa!

What would you do?

After the zoo we made our way over to Cornwell's Turkey Farm for dinner and shopping. We go there every summer when the weather is nice. We always order authentic turkey and homemade noodles. One of my favorite parts about going there is the big bell they have outside, and the old piano that we listen to.

It's one of my favorite family traditions.

I am truly content when I can drive down a country road with the windows down.

And that is just what I did on our way to Turkeyville. I even busted out the country music, which never makes Jordan happy. Oddly enough, I am a sucker for the country fever when the right time comes.

The entire day was perfect and it was such a great start to the summer. I was happy to be outside all day for a change.

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  1. I love this post because I love these places! :) And those pickels looked really good. And Country in the summer time is always nice! :)


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