May 4, 2010

Today was the familiar road trip from Marion to Battle Creek. Jordan was behind the wheel, and Michael Pattengale joined us on our adventure.

We spent two hours listening to music and enjoying the beautiful weather. It really was a perfect day for a drive.

I have done this trip so many times now, and it is so comforting to watch the scenery change. Starting out with cornfields and farms in Indiana and ending up with never ending green trees in Michigan. Every landmark is familiar. We pass the same places, each one bringing back memories from the past year.

The Dowell family living room is the place for endless conversation. It is hard to get away from that couch sometimes. We can sit in there for hours talking and drinking several pots of coffee.

Tonight was the standard update about jobs, school, and summer plans.
My Dad is always asking detailed questions. They are the type of questions no one would ever think to ask.

I will be home until Sunday, and then I will be on the road back to Marion again.
From there I will leave for Greece Monday morning!!

I am used to coming home and going back to work at Applebees. I honestly don't know what life is like without that place. I have worked there since I was sixteen. I have made some true friends and met some amazing people. I learned so much from working there, and I can see how much I have changed and grown since I was hired as a High School teenager. It's funny to think about all the employees that have come and gone. I remember each year and how different the environment was depending on the staff. Things were always changing. And now I will never be a part of it. But I am happy to say that as great as it was, I am moving on. This summer will be a start of something new and exciting.

This week I am dedicated to relaxation. I can catch up on sleep, research Greece and spend time with friends and family.

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