May 21, 2012


My apologies for my lack of blogging lately. Life has been so busy in recent weeks. 

Lets get you caught up. 

I started my summer job as....basically a gardener. I mulch, plant, weed, and water the plants on the IWU campus. I also drive cool little vehicles like Kubotas and gators. I honestly love getting up and getting in the dirt everyday while scoring bronze skin and arm muscle. therapeutic.  

I concluded my 4-Hour Body experience. It was a great and successful time of discipline, and it served its purpose. After hours of food documentaries and research, I have now moved to a whole foods plant based diet. And I can finally eat fruit!

went on a shopping trip to this place and got some new gear for Colorado. Mountains here we come. 

girls camping trip (yes we did put the tent up all by ourselves)

community garen plot, weeded and tilled. SO excited to grow my own veggies and herbs :)

new Trek road bikes as a graduation gift from our parents. It took a total of five hours in the bike shop including test riding and bike fitting. Afterward we went on a fifteen mile ride with my Dad, the triathlon man. 

witnessed the marriage of our close friends, Marie and Cory. One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. 

(photo by George Flattery)

reunited with my bests from Michigan. Thank you Lord for these beautiful people. 

So far, May has been a great kickoff to a fun packed and carefree summer. We will spend the rest of it in the outdoors with friends and family and food from the ground and bike rides and road trips with a little bit of sleeping in. Just a little. 

And then... 

off to Colorado :) 

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  1. I work at REI! Wish I'd have been working when you visited! It's an awesome store!


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