Mar 30, 2012

husbands birthday

Happy Birthday to my husband, who turned 22 yesterday! He celebrated by eating deliciously saucy honey BBQ wings at B-Dubs and opening pretty boxes filled with new threads from J Crew. Since it's his birthday, I thought I would point out some of the simple reasons why Jordan is awesome (because the little things are worth celebrating too). 

Jordan Shepherd is awesome because he...
has hidden talents (I just found out that he can play bass guitar. uh, what?!!)
is technology savvy 
can build a masterpiece out of straw wrappers 
has a contagious adventurous spirit
gives others room to shine while he remains humble
loves to learn
makes everyone feel like they are a part of his club
is a really good drummer
cherishes his family
has a really handsome face
is more selfless than anyone I know. 

 I could go on all day, but for now I'll leave it short and sweet. Speaking of sweet, you know what else is great about birthdays?


I can't wait to eat some on Saturday (cheat day)! 

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  1. Everything you mentioned about Jordan is so true - especially how he makes everyone feel like they are part of his club. I also love his sense of humor, how you can be really silly with him but also have really deep conversations, and how he really puts his all into things!


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