Dec 18, 2011

{Grandma Rides the Zamboni}

Yesterday was a big day for my Grandmother. She checked off one of the items on her bucket list: riding the Zamboni at a hockey game. 

The whole family came along to support her and watch the Kalamazoo Wings play. We had killer front row seats, which ended up being perfect for waving to Grandma as she flew by on the Zamboni. During her ride, the crowd cheered, waved, and sang her the birthday song lead by the announcer man. She had a full five minutes of fame and a free T-shirt to go along with it. 

Happy 80th birthday to MaryEllen Burdick :)


  1. That sounds so cute! I wish the video would work!

  2. NVM! It worked! That is awesome. Haha. "I got presents!"

  3. Aww HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!! that's so fun!!!

  4. Isn't she awesome? I loved watching the whole thing happen, haha.