Oct 10, 2011

{Mississinewa 1812}

The annual fall Festival of 1812 is my favorite event of the season. Traveling reenanactors set up camp for three days in the woods to provide the Marion locals with a taste of history and entertainment. They go all out with the outfits and olden day vibe, and when you're there, you do feel like you're in another time period. It seems kind of corny, but after you have experienced this once, you will want to return each year for the battle reenactments, nellies famous noodles, and the bottled beer of the root (that is root beer....not real beer). 

This year Jordan and I went with our friends Hannah and Lawson. We bought homemade rosemary frank & mint soap and matching 1812 pottery mugs!! It was the best. 


  1. 1812 is one of my favorite fall activities! My heart breaks a little every year we can't make it. Josh knows when we move back to IN (hopefully), 1812 goes on the required yearly activity list.

  2. The truth is....we didn't watch the ENTIRE battle. The sun was beating down so we sort of left half way through... so I'm not sure who won!


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