Aug 17, 2011


Ingredients is a documentary about food.

We live in a society where people are more clueless than ever before about where their food comes from. The system of food has cheapened, people are lazy, nutrition is not a top priority, and really, most people will choose the way that is the most convenient to eat a meal and move on with their day. It's so obvious, especially in places like Marion, Indiana where all you see when driving down the bypass is fast food.

The good thing is, not everyone has chosen to live like this. Some people have realized the benefits of eating local, and they are choosing a new path of sustainable food and a connected community. Thanks to the farmers and chefs who work hard to open up the eyes of our culture, because we need to change our habits and fight against the temptation to do what is easiest.

I will admit, I never seriously thought about local food until I studied abroad in Ireland. There, everyone buys local. Food is an experience. Food means community. The Irish will walk into town to specialty shops and take as much time as needed to buy food and prepare their meal. I was fascinated by this, and inspired. And now I want to get moving and live like I care about my health.

Lets "bring good food back to the table"

You can rent the film from itunes and watch, or buy it on their website for $20.00.

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