Feb 13, 2011

Sex & Money

"In 2007, a group of student photojournalists embarked on a journey through 20+ nations on every inhabitable continent, motivated by their love for photography and their passion for justice. At the outset, their experiences seemed diverse, even random. However, a common thread of human suffering would soon emerge as their travels exposed them to a dark, seldom discussed side of humanity-- children being bought and sold to satisfy the sexual pleasures of other humans."

Currently, across America, between 100,000 and 300,000 minors are being sexually exploited

I heard about this project from my friend Kelsey Lantz, another who is passionately against the injustice of human trafficking.

Read more about the film here

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  1. Allison, I am really thankful you posted this, I will have to share it with some others, too. I hadn't heard of this documentary yet, and as a journalist with passion for social justice, what they did with this is actually inspiring.