Oct 28, 2010

Time flies.

The first semester of my third year at college is almost over. It seems like it just began. I still feel like there is a lot to do until Christmas break, and honestly, I am becoming more overwhelmed everyday.

This week I have a total of five shifts at the lovely McConn Coffee shop. That is a bunch! Thankfully, I have never had more fun at any job I have ever had. And I finally feel comfortable behind the counter.

Plus, Jordan and I have two shifts together this week :-)

I can't complain. I get to smell like coffee all the time.
The bad part is...I drink way more coffee than I probably should. Like today for example...I have already consumed four shots of espresso, one cuban latte, and one cup of fresh brew. (yikes).

Aside from freshly brewed beans, there are so many other good things the Lord is bringing into my life lately. He has been changing my world, and I love it.

I will share more details later...

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